New Beauty Rules: Dua Lipa Is the Face of Yves Saint Laurent's Latest Fragrance

New Beauty Rules: Dua Lipa Is the Face of Yves Saint Laurent's Latest Fragrance

While Dua Lipa was growing up among Kosovo and London—some time before her profession making set at Glastonbury two years prior, or her Best New Artist gesture at the Grammy Awards in February—she built up an unfortunate propensity.
"I used to chomp my nails," the now 23-year-old admits. Stayed in a Los Angeles studio in Laurel Canyon, where she is recording her exceptionally foreseen sophomore collection—a follow-up to 2017's graph beating self-titled introduction—Lipa's consummately cleaned acrylic tips recount to an alternate story. "I adore nails now. Huge, enormous fan," the British-Albanian pop star says by method for clarifying that she has gazed intently at her initial excellence evil spirits, which likewise incorporated a concise aroma tryst with Curious by Britney Spears. Nowadays, Lipa's manicurist, Michelle Humphrey, switches up her nail structures like clockwork when she's in London, a lot to the rush of her in excess of 30 million Instagram adherents. Her mark fragrance likewise just got a major redesign.

Lipa is the new substance of Yves Saint Laurent Libre, a sexual orientation twisting riff on fougère, the customarily manly aroma classification that is overwhelming on herbaceous lavender and natural oakmoss. Because of an imbuement of hyperconcentrated Moroccan orange bloom, and a restrictive note elite to YSL called—sit tight for it—Diva Lavender, which disengages the freshest components of the sweet-smelling purple blossom, any obvious muskiness is successfully tempered.
The scent, which stops barely shy of being charged as a unisex offering, is a gesture to the provocative free dash of Saint Laurent's boldest structures, and a duality the vocalist can get behind."I am not a high-support individual," Lipa demands, removing herself from the pop-diva original, which she has effectively evaded since detonating onto the scene with her breakout single "New Rules," the tropical house track that outperformed one billion streams on Spotify the previous fall. She is similarly as agreeable cosmetics free in a Vetements sweatshirt dress as she is in a substantial lash and Christopher Kane's trim and-silk outfit, which she wore to the current year's Brit Awards a simple 48 hours after its fall runway debut. It's the sort of smoothness that Libre tries to bottle, and that has helped make Lipa a marvel symbol for another age.

Conceived in the U.K. to Albanian workers who fled the nation in 1992 during the disturbance in the Balkans, Lipa experienced childhood in Northwest London where her folks held administration employments to make a decent living. They came back to Kosovo when she was 11, and following a couple of years, Lipa battled to come back to London so she could go to the Sylvia Young Theater School, the incredible performing expressions foundation that tallies Amy Winehouse and Rita Ora as graduated class. When she was 15 her folks concurred, and she moved back, alone, to live with a family companion.
Back then, it was all larger than average T-shirts, stockings, UGGs, and "streaky establishment," Lipa reviews with a shiver, conceding that it has taken her some time to discover her look—which depends on a dark, precise bounce—and her sound. She owes her record arrangement to some great advanced time organizing (enthusiasm for her demos on Twitter and a couple of accidental DMs drove her to a music legal counselor, who at last made the association with Ben Mawson, Lana Del Rey's administrator); however it's the imposing, profound vocals that can be heard on such anthemic hits just like "the One" and "IDGAF" that set Lipa separated from the indistinct dreariness of Top 40 radio playlists. Hers was the main voice that super-maker Mark Ronson says could "pass on the feeling, sultriness, and diva crap" on "Power," the addictive electronic track Ronson coproduced with Diplo that won Lipa her second Grammy of the year for Best Dance Recording.
Lipa's finished dominance of the material warrants Ronson's utilization of the D word, however there is next to no else about her that feels entitled or reserved. "At the point when individuals began halting me for pictures, I thought I needed to wear cosmetics to look average. At that point I began thinking a lot about what I resembled, and chose I would not like to mind," she uncovers. "In case I'm looking worn out this is on the grounds that I am working and I'm glad to work. In the event that I have a breakout, I have a breakout. These things make me my identity."

Right now, Lipa has no designs to pursue Rihanna and Lady Gaga into that other 21st-century pop-star prime example: cosmetics magnate. She's too occupied in any case—performing, recording (among the reputed tasks: taking on the signature melody for Cary Fukunaga's exceptionally foreseen Bond 25), and getting a charge out of the relative quiet before her new collection drops one year from now. In June she went to Glastonbury once more, this time as a fan, to move and chime in "excessively uproarious" to Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus, and Kylie Minogue.
Almost shameless and wearing an overwhelmed bralette and oversize track pants, she may have gone unnoticed among the half-bare crowds, were it not for the trail of orange bloom, lavender, and oakmoss scenting the air afterward.