Chicken Crescent Roll Bundles Recipe

Chicken Crescent Roll Bundles Recipe
Destroyed chicken blended with cream cheddar, Italian dressing blend, and cream of chicken folded into rich sickle mixture! These tasty Chicken Crescent Roll Bundles have turned into a family fave. A standout amongst the BEST and EASIEST Pillsbury sickle move plans!

Course Main Course

Cooking American

Planning Time 25 minutes

Cook Time 9 minutes

Absolute Time 34 minutes

Servings 16 packs

Calories 209 kcal


2 8 oz jars Pillsbury bow move mixture

2 jars cream of chicken soup

8 oz pkg cream cheddar mollified

2 - 3 c destroyed cooked chicken

1 pkg Italian dressing blend (or 3 TB)

2 - 3 green onions hacked - discretionary

Steps to Make It

1-Preheat stove to 375.

2-Add cream cheddar and the two jars of soup to a medium pot and go to medium warmth.

3-Add dressing blend and mix until very much consolidated. Go down to low warmth.

4-Pour a large portion of the blend into an enormous bowl, leaving enough in the container to use as a sauce to put on the chicken packs.

5-Add the chicken and the green onions to the enormous bowl and combine. Set aside.

6-Separate the bow move mixture and spot on a treat sheet.

7-Scoop a spoonful of chicken blend onto the bow move batter and move (we crease the left side in, right side in, and afterward move towards the long point).

8-Bake in the stove for 9-12 minutes.

9-Pour remaining sauce/sauce blend on top and serve warm.