Old-Fashioned Frozen Fruit Salad Recipe

Old-Fashioned Frozen Fruit Salad Recipe

Complete: 10 mins - Prep: 10 mins - Cook: 0 mins - Yield: 8 Bowls (8 Servings)

This antiquated solidified natural product serving of mixed greens will help you to remember your grandma's plate of mixed greens.

It is an extremely simple planning, and it makes a brilliant natural product serving of mixed greens for a vacation menu. The serving of mixed greens is delightful with a ham or turkey Thanksgiving or Christmas supper.

Utilize canned natural product mixed drink or utilize a blend of your most loved canned organic products. Shakers a mix of pineapple pieces, peaches, maraschino fruits, pears, and apricots.

This solidified organic product plate of mixed greens formula was adjusted from a 1950s news cut-out.

See the varieties beneath the formula for an ambrosia-style products of the soil mix and some substitution thoughts.


1 glass overwhelming cream or whipping cream, chilled

2 little bundles (3 ounces each) cream cheddar, relaxed

1 glass mayonnaise

1/2 glass maraschino red fruits, quartered

1/2 glass green maraschino fruits, quartered (or utilize all red)

1 can organic product mixed drink (16 or 20-ounce estimate), depleted

2 1/2 mugs diced marshmallows, around 24 marshmallows


1-In a little bowl with an electric blender, beat the chilled substantial cream to hardened pinnacles.

2-In an expansive blending bowl with an electric blender, beat together the cream cheddar and mayonnaise.
Overlap in the whipped cream, fruits, depleted natural product mixed drink, and marshmallows. Transform the blend into a 1-quart cooler compartment or portion dish.

3-Garnish with extra maraschino fruits or pecan parts.

4-Freeze the serving of mixed greens until firm. Turn out of the compartment and cut to serve.