Lamb Curry Recipe

Lamb Curry Recipe

Longing for sheep curry? Make this formula on the stovetop, in the moderate cooker, or in the weight cooker.
Whatever you pick, moderate cooking is the way to delicate sheep in this dish. Make a pot of rice and supper is served.

Planning time: 60 minutes - Cook time: 2 hours - Yield: Serves 6

Have an Instant Pot or weight cooker? You can darker the sheep and cook the onions on the singe work. Include the meat and cook at weight for 50 minutes.

At that point discharge the weight, include the potatoes and cook 10 minutes more.


2 pounds boneless (or 3 pounds bone-in), sheep stew meat, sheep shanks, as well as sheep bear steaks

2 onions, cleaved (around 3 - 4 mugs)

3-5 cloves of garlic, pulverized

2-3 tablespoons ghee (cleared up margarine), or 1 Tbsp olive oil with 1 Tbsp spread

2-3 tablespoons curry powder (to taste)

2 teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon dark pepper

1 tablespoon ground coriander

1 tablespoon cumin

1 teaspoon new rosemary, cleaved

1 teaspoon thyme, dried

2 cuts of lemon, with skin (utilize 3 cuts if utilizing Meyer lemons)

2 stripped and slashed apples, ideally tart green Granny Smith apples (around 2 mugs)

1/4 glass (40 g) of brilliant raisins

1/2 glasses (350 ml) chicken stock

1/2 pounds (680 g) little potatoes, quartered

Chutney, yogurt, and additionally cooked rice to serve


1-Brown the sheep pieces on all sides: Heat the ghee or the margarine with-olive-oil in a substantial, thick-bottomed pot (with spread) or Dutch stove on medium-high.

2-Working in clusters if vital, dark colored the meat well on all sides and expel it from container.

3-Make the curry base: Lower the warmth to medium low and add the curry powder to the ghee or oil. Cook tenderly for a moment or two.

4-Add onions and garlic and cook 5 minutes.

5-Return the sheep to the dish, and include the coriander, dark pepper, cumin, rosemary, thyme, cut lemon, apples, raisins, chicken stock, and salt.

6-Cook the curry: Bring to a stew, bring down the warmth to low, and spread the pot.
(You can likewise put the pot in a 300°F stove).

7-Cook for 2 hours. Check at 2 hours to check whether the meat is tumbling off the bone. It ought to begin do as such.

8-Add the potatoes and cook for an additional 45 minutes.

9-Serve: To serve, you can pull the meat off the bones or abandon it on. Taste for salt and include some more curry powder or include cayenne on the off chance that you need things spicier.

10-Serve over cooked rice with chutney as well as yogurt for sprinkling over top.