Easy 30-Minute Mexican Enchiladas Recipe

Easy 30-Minute Mexican Enchiladas Recipe
This simple Mexican enchiladas formula takes just 30 minutes to get ready for a filling family feast.
They can be arranged basically with simply cheddar, or be spruced up by including a tad of hamburger or chicken to speak to the meat eaters in your family.

Complete: 30 mins - Prep: 10 mins - Cook: 20 mins - Yield: 4 servings Mexican enchiladas


1 container cooking oil

16 corn tortillas

1 (28-ounce) would enchilada be able to sauce (or 1 formula hand crafted ​red enchilada sauce)

2 containers cheddar, (for example, mozzarella or queso blanco, ground or destroyed)

1/2 container Cotija cheddar

Discretionary: 1/2 containers cooked destroyed meat, chicken, or pork


1-Gather the fixings.

2-Heat stove to 400 F. Empty oil into a medium-sized pot and warmth until it's hot, however not sizzling. You need to warm the tortillas in the oil, not sear them.

3-Using tongs, plunge every tortilla, each one in turn, into the hot oil until it is warmed through and malleable. Expel tortilla from oil and channel it quickly on a paper towel.

4-Pour simply enough sauce in the base of a 13-by-9-inch glass heating dish to cover it. Pour the remainder of the sauce in an extensive bowl. Dunk a warm tortilla into the sauce and afterward place it in the base of the preparing dish.

5-Place somewhat less than 1/4 measure of cheddar down the focal point of the tortilla.
In the event that you are including meat, utilize somewhat less cheddar. Overlap half of the tortilla over the cheddar, at that point the other half, with the goal that the tortilla is moved around the cheddar. Turn it over so it is crease side down and the heaviness of the cheddar will help keep it set up.

6-Repeat every one of those means for every one of the tortillas making two layers of enchiladas in the dish, if vital.
Pour any outstanding sauce over the highest point of the enchiladas. Sprinkle the Cotija cheddar over the enchiladas.

7-Bake for 20 to 30 minutes or until enchiladas are hot all through and cheddar is dissolved.

8-Serve your enchiladas with a spatula, four to a plate, and appreciate!