Easter Dirt Cake Recipe

Easter Dirt Cake Recipe
Easter Oreo Dirt Cake – a smooth and tasty Easter sweet loaded up with Oreos, pudding, cool whip, cream cheddar, and powdered sugar that everybody will love to improve and eat!

Course Dessert

Cooking American

Planning Time 5 minutes

Cook Time 15 minutes

Absolute Time 20 minutes

Servings 12

Calories 383 kcal


1 bundle Oreos

1 8 oz. bar Cream Cheese mellowed

1/2 container margarine or spread mellowed

1 glass powdered sugar

1 vast compartment Cool Whip or 16 oz. whipping cream

2 boxes Instant White Chocolate or Vanilla Pudding Mix

3 glasses milk

1 tsp vanilla

Easter treat PEEP bunnies, eatable grass, sweet Easter eggs


1-Crush ⅔ bundle of Oreos and spot in the base of a 9x13 skillet. Put aside.

2-Mix cream cheddar and margarine (or spread) until smooth. Blend in powdered sugar and overlay in whipped beating. Put aside.

3-In a different bowl blend pudding, milk and vanilla. Overlap this blend in with the cream cheddar blend.

4-Pour over morsel blend.

5-Sprinkle with the hold squashed Oreos. Let set for a couple of hours and keep refrigerated until prepared to serve.

6-Right before serving, top with bunny Peeps, eatable grass and Candy Easter Eggs.