Chicken Enchiladas Suiza Recipe

Chicken Enchiladas Suiza Recipe
Appreciate the kinds of green chiles and the surface of destroyed chicken in these Enchiladas Suiza. Softened cheddar and sauteed spinach and onion just add to the one of a kind taste.
Furthermore, if that weren't sufficient, these enchiladas are a snap to make, however they have an aftertaste like you've invested hours in the kitchen. "Suiza" is "Switzerland" in Spanish, named for the velvety white sauce that tops them.

Complete: 45 mins - Prep: 30 mins Cook: 15 mins - Yield: 12 enchiladas (serves 4)


12 corn tortillas

2 mugs destroyed chicken

6 oz. cleaved, broiled and cleaned green chiles (new is ideal, however you can utilize canned after all other options have been exhausted)

3 mugs new spinach

1/2 glass hacked onion

1 glass crema or sharp cream

4 oz. cotija, disintegrated and an extra 2 oz held.

5 oz. vanished milk

15 oz green chile sauce

Warm oil to plunge tortillas in


1-Heat broiler to 350 degrees.

2-Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a container over medium warmth and cook the onions for around 1 minute. Include the spinach and cook it for around 5 minutes until leaves are shriveled. Crease in the chicken and green chiles.
Put aside.

3-In a pan, heat creama, vanished milk, 4 oz of cotija and half of the chile sauce over low warmth until sauce is smooth.

4-Prepare a 9x13 inch heating dish by covering the base with a slight layer of sauce.

5-Dip a tortilla into the warm oil to mellow it and spot it into the dish. Spot around 1/4 container filling down the focal point of the tortilla and sprinkle with a tablespoon of Asadero or Queso Quesadilla cheddar.
Roll the tortilla up and place crease side down in dish. Rehash until all tortillas are utilized.

6-Pour remaining cream sauce over the top, at that point finish off by showering the staying green chile sauce over the top and after that sprinkle with the 2 oz of disintegrated cotija. Heat dish for 15 minutes to liquefy the cheddar.