Five Factors Affecting The Price For Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is getting popularity as a method of permanent hair removal. Permanent hair removal saves the time, cost and hassle of waxing, shaving or using crème hair removal products. The cost of laser hair removal can be high but depends on several factors.

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal?

This is the most usually asked question by people considering laser hair removal. The price depends on many factors. You should expect to have various sessions with the laser. Even in smaller areas, each follicle requires being hit during its growth phase. This will take a few sessions, as not all follicles are ever in the growth phase together.

Although laser hair removal prices can be high, several people find the cost worth it to have the undesired hair removed forever. In many cases, the cost is in the range of other permanent hair removal techniques. The laser isn’t more expensive than the cost of electrolysis. Consider what you spend now for hair removal. Over time, you will save money on the cost of body waxing or depilatory products.

Five Factors Affecting the Cost

1. The size of the treated area. The laser can be used for any area of the body, excluding the eye area. Smaller areas, such as the pubic region, demand less time than larger areas, such as the legs, chest or back.

2. The area of the country where you live helps manage the cost. Sessions range from $300 to $500 per session, depending on where you live.

3. The number of sessions you will need. This will be explained during your consultation. Four sessions are standard, but it could be anywhere from three to six sessions.

4. The colour of your hair and skin is a significant factor in the cost of laser treatments. Because the pigment absorbs the energy from the laser in the hair, it’s best if your hair is darker than your skin tone. Dark hair on light skin reacts best to treatment. The procedure is less efficient with blonde or red hair. Several sessions will be needed, and the results may not be faithful.

5. The colour of your skin is a different factor that will affect the cost. Very dark skin isn’t a suitable candidate for laser hair removal. The energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the skin. In extreme cases, this can result in burns or skin damage. For this reason, you should not have a suntan when you sit for laser hair removal. Avoid tanning for a month before the method to give your tan time to fade.

Choosing a Facility on the Cost of Laser Hair Removal

You should never choose a service based solely on price. This is not a cosmetic procedure, but a medical one. You need a highly trained and experienced people handling the laser. You may find discount clinics offering this service. Be suspicious of this type of clinic. A clinic with a well-respected and skilled staff doesn’t provide deep discounts. You don’t choose your other medical care based only on cost, so you shouldn’t do this will laser hair removal either.

Choose a clinic based on the qualifications of the medical director and the experience of the staff. Look for a doctor that is Board Certified in Dermatology and who has had practice and expertise with the laser. The better clinics have more than one board certified specialist on staff. The atmosphere of the office should be licensed.

Ask about the reality of the person performing the procedure. Most states require a physician or an RN under the supervision of a doctor. Ask about the number of proceedings and any adverse reactions that have happened.